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La Gitana Inglesa and her group of artists have become well known in the last few years as Mojacar´s leading pure authentic flamenco artists.

La Gitana Inglesa has fought hard to eliminate the low quality ¨tourist flamenco¨shows that were previously the only type of Flamenco Shows on offer around this area of Spain. La Gitana Inglesa has single handedly brought authentic and  well recognised flamenco artists from both LA CHANCA Almeria and EL SACROMONTE DE Granada to promence in this area. She has offered a shows that appeal to all types of people from experts to non experts; pure raw gypsy flamenco that wows the crowds. In every show the public see male and female dancers, superb singers, guitarists and percusionists. Every show is spontaneous and different, hence always maintaining the crowd´s interest.




Francesca Girone
Group Leader

Francesca was born in Manchester, England. Her interest in flamenco only started late in life and yet in the last few years she has achieved a high profile as a Flamenco Dancer in constant demand, and has won the respect of the Spanish Flamenco gypsy community. Indeed it was her musicians who gave her the  artistic name La Gitana Inglesa (the English Gypsy) as her style is pure raw and unstylised.

La Gitana Inglesa works with a range of different artists from both La Chanca ALmeria and El Sacromonte de Granada. What they all have in common is that they are all gypsy artists who demonstrate raw heart felt authentic passion for flamenco in their performances.

Antonio Heredia Heredia

Antonio Heredia Heredia began his professional career at the young age of 14 years old in his city of birth Granada. He is a perfect example of a traditional gypsy flamenco singer, always singing directly from his soul. He dominates all the palos of flamenco and is an excellent percussionist with his use of the flamenco clapping adding intricate rythms for us to dance to. An excellent complete artist.


Antonio García
“El Genial”

Cantaor, tres palabras para describir toda la grandeza de este cantaor: Puro, jondo y Gitano. Antonio es igual de bueno para recitales de cante como para acompañar al baile. Tiene un sello muy proprio que hace su cante único, una delicia para los puristas y los amante del cante jondo.

“El Gambibas”

Alejandro is from the heart of the famous Sacromonte District of Granada. He is a regular performer at the famous Flamenco Cuevas or Caves of Granada and always gives 100% in every performance.

He has a unique passionate style and is regularly contracted in London and Brighton as well as in various other parts of Andalucia.


Luis Santiago
“El Moreno”

Luis is a popular Flamenco dancer from the heart of La Chanca Almeria.

He and La Gitana Inglesa work in perfect harmony, whether dancing together for Tango or Solea there is always a great connection between the two artists.

Luis also works in various Flamenco Peñas and Cultural Associations in Almeria.

Paco Fernández
“El Príncipe Gitano”

Paco Fernandez is one of Granada’s most in demand flamenco dancers.
Paco is a raw passionate artist who wows our public with his spontaneous, traditional gypsy flamenco dance. 
He and La Gitana Inglesa joined forces back in 2016 and have enjoyed immense success together. They have produced and performed the theatre productions HERENCIA, TRES AL BAILE ( with the colaboration of award winning dancer Julio Ruiz) and most recently the popular production FLAMENCO TRADITION which sold out weeks before the initial launch date and has been repeated due to demand. All have been performed in theatres within Andalucia. The production HERENCIA found it’s way to Manchester, England  too, where it was well received. The team are now preparing more projects for the U.K.

Manuel Cortés Heredia

A calm figure who gives his own very personal and emotional touch to his guitar playing. He is a the resident guitarist in the Granada Tablao El Templo del Flamenco.

He forms part of the group of La Gitana Inglesa, Paco Fernandez El Principe and Alejandro El Gambibas.

Edu Aguilar
“El Sosio”

El Sosio is again from the heart of La Chanca Almeria. He is completely self taught and is a young raw guitarist who forms part of the group La Gitana Inglesa, Luis El Moreno, Edu Garcia and El Sosio.

His guitar style is fast and energetic for bulerias, but slow and passionate for Taranto, Tientos, Solea etc. He declares that his only form of expressing himself is via his music.


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